Chief Zen Master

Descended from an ancient line of Anatolian dogs bred to guard herds of livestock from wolves, bears, cheetahs and lions, Toly proudly protects our firm from all manner of evil.

Traveling from Oklahoma to Colorado in litter of puppy mill dogs, Toly was stricken with a nearly fatal kennel cough. Separated from his mother, he was forced to watch his fourteen brothers and sisters sent off to separate owners. In that moment as his last sibling departed, weakened by sickness and weary from travel, Toly looked deep within himself and achieved a supreme transcendental state of awareness. Since then, this wisdom has never departed. Toly need only close his eyes for a brief moment to root himself directly and profoundly in the true reality of all interconnected things.

Toly’s presence in our office brings moments of joy, relaxation and reflection to all beings, aside from the package deliverymen, who still arouse in him an ancient instinct to protect and defend.

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