Chief Get Shit Done Officer Emeritus

Steven Winter joined the Blue Dot team in January of 2012, energized by the opportunity to put his entrepreneurial grit to work growing the firm while exploring his interest in law and business as levers for constructive social change. Contrary to popular belief, Steven is not in fact a lawyer. Rather, he serves as the team’s Chief Get Shit Done Officer, doing whatever needs doing, from technical infrastructure and website administration to paralegal support and liaising with potential and existing clients.

Steve came to Boulder and Blue Dot Advocates from the start up world of New York’s Silicon Alley. There he co-founded Amicus, a Y Combinator-backed start up that seeks to help nonprofits transform civil society through the social network connections of supporters and activists. As the Chief Operating Officer, Steve assisted with systems building, fundraising, hiring, and with shaping many other business fundamentals, including drafting the business model that won the 2011 Yale Venture Challenge. Steve has since helped a number of businesses, both impact-oriented ventures and others, by drafting and advising on business models.

Steve graduated magna cum laude from Yale University in 2011, with a degree in philosophy. He enjoys soccer, woodworking, snowboarding and hacking together ideas for new business and projects, when he’s not working to make Blue Dot lawyers and clients happy.

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