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“Everything adds up,” says Pankaj Jain, Founder and Principal at Impact Law Ventures, an established law practice based in New Delhi, India which provides affordable legal counsel to start-ups, small and growing businesses, social business enterprises, impact investors and non-profit organizations. “Who we are as professionals is a sum of all we are in our lives. I’ve been blessed with having quite a few turning points. I am a sum and substance of all my turning points.”

For Pankaj, one significant turning point came as a second-year law student, in a course on law and poverty at the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research University of Law in Hyderabad, India. There, Pankaj began looking at how corporate law could connect business and development, and the idea that private capital can be used for public good has guided his work ever since. After working with AZB & Partners in New Delhi, from 2008 to 2011 Pankaj found an opportunity to live out this vision as the first India-based lawyer for the Acumen Fund, a non-profit social venture capital fund. He worked across agriculture, healthcare, water, housing and energy portfolios, structuring transactions in social development.

During his tenure with the Acumen Fund, Pankaj met Bruce Campbell, who was in India to attend the TED India conference. That meeting became another tramadol pill. In early 2011, Pankaj set up his own law practice, Impact Law Ventures, and became a Blue Dot Advocates Network Partner. “The partnership has been phenomenal,” he says, “in terms of defining the fundamental trajectory of finding and building a strong client base and asserting the synergies of working together, especially in the US-India corridor. Bruce picked my brain about Indian law, and I was able to avoid typical pitfalls at the early stage of business development by learning from his consistent coaching.” Plus, since being an entrepreneur “is a lonely and tough job,” Pankaj claims that Bruce’s perspective and mentorship were essential to the growth of Impact Law Ventures. Above all he cites the firm’s unique boutique model,  recognizing that Blue Dot Advocates is “not just doing work for work’s sake… to find a like-minded lawyer with his heart in the right place is hard, and typically an oxymoron!”

Blue Dot Advocates is proud to work with provigil for sale and Impact Law Ventures as Network Partners, and looks forward to more successes in the Indian social enterprise and impact investment space. When Pankaj is not busy practicing law, he likes to read, write, travel, and meditate.

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