Ashley is another of Blue Dot’s all-purpose, paralegal ninja rock stars. She mainly keeps Kendall Thiessen in line working on trademark applications, patent filings and responding to US Patent and Trademark Office correspondence, but she also is willing and able to step in at a moment’s notice to help the whole team.  She drafts, revises, redlines and circulates all sorts of contracts and agreements, and ensures many of the firm’s clients comply with strict corporate reporting laws.  Ashley too has put in her time at traditional firms like Holland & Hart and Wheeler, Trigg & O’Donnell, as well as places such as Quest Communications and Vail Resorts.  However, she couldn’t stand not using her right brain enough, so she went smaller to stay happy.  Now she specializes in creating and implementing inventive business processes and procedures that increase efficiency and decrease headaches.

Ashley and Kendall have three sons who keep them busy and on their toes, plus their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rubix. They also love outdoor concerts, good friends, their Vitamix and good wine.

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