Since biblical times and beyond humans have always migrated, and it’s always been challenging. Today more people are displaced than ever before ­– 65 million – and although recent events and surges and news stories want us to view migrants as a threat, challenges to our culture and identity, we choose to instead recognize that it’s more about us, and fear, than it is about them.

Face it – people migrate for one of three reasons: refuge, opportunity, or love. It isn’t anyone’s goal to change their new home, or really to do anyone harm. We’re not experiencing an invasion today with immigrants – it’s a humanitarian crisis. Those 65 million people have to go somewhere, so instead of hiding in the dark in fear why not take a leap of faith? We do. We’ve made it our life’s work to enable individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to maximize their potential in the United States. And loving thy [new] neighbor? That’s just a bonus.

Our newest team of network partners advise on a wide range of immigration matters, including employment and family based immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions, adjustment to permanent resident status, consular processing, waiver applications, naturalization, temporary protected status (TPS) and political asylum.

Representative Work:

  • Refuge: Esther and her family fled political persecution in Haiti about ten years ago. She had to learn English, work her way through school, and now she’s an award-winning nurse.
  • Opportunity: Ahmed came from Iraq on a fellowship to do research at Johns Hopkins University, and now he’s a globally recognized cancer research doctor.
  • Love: Marisol came from Mexico to join her husband. She started a business, they started a family, she pays taxes, and they saved up enough money to buy their own home.
  • Plain Old Inspiration: Meet Samantha Ramirez-Herrera, CEO of, run by POC with a focus on uplifting marginalized voices, and founder of the Kick Ass Girl Pow Wow, where Sheryl is a board member. Trust us – you will be completely inspired.

Specific ways we can support our clients’ immigration needs:

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