Client Testimonials

  • Blue Dot is as sophisticated and capable as any giant firm, but without the giant firm pricing, opaque bills, and attitude. Blue Dot is boutique law done right -- high-touch, service-oriented, and super-smart. Go Blue Dot!

    David Wolf Founder & Chief Investment Officer, R3 Returns
  • They tell me it’s not what you know but who you know that makes the difference. This we (my wife and I) found to be very true when it comes to dealing with border issues. Officials at the Canadian border would not allow us to return to our post as missionary and pastor for a US congregation. They said we did not have the required Religious Worker visa. We were very disappointed and somewhat frustrated. Upon communicating with Sheryl we immediately felt that we had an advocate. Her calm, professional way put us at rest. We thanked God many times that we could have someone that we could trust so completely.  After collecting huge amounts of material and submitting our R1 application to USCIS, she worked out a temporary arrangement with the border official so that we could come back and resume our volunteer missionary work in the meantime. Creative solutions! When we think of what you have done for us, Sheryl, we just say “Thank You from the bottom of our hearts”. We appreciate your warmth of character and the patience with which you answer our questions. We anticipate your help as we take the “next step."

    John & Alice Canada
  • Seth - thank you for being amazing. Your diligence and willingness to go the extra mile to assist us has been extraordinary. I also found a picture of a rainbow unicorn kitty for you, well...just because. Thanks for being in our corner and for shepherding us through - we wouldn't be here without you!! I also wrote you an impact attorney Haiku to memorialize our journey together: Crazy founders call // Seth edits many documents // Diligence, Discipline, then we close

    Art Shectman Ultranauts Inc.
  • We greatly enjoy working with Bruce and team at Blue Dot out of Boulder. Reasonable, responsive, knowledgeable about the space and deeply aligned and committed to the work we are all up to. Heartily recommend them.

    Timothy Freundlich President, ImpactAssets
  • Sheryl has been invaluable to us at TED over the past several years. She works tirelessly to help our TEDxChange scholarship recipients, TED Fellows and TED Residents secure visas to attend our conferences. Her thoroughness in preparing the visa applications & the professional way in which she communicates with high-ranking diplomatic officials make Sheryl a pleasure to work with.

  • Caring, empathetic, jovial, competent, and deeply human. Not typically words you’d use to describe a lawyer, but they are 100% true for Bruce Campbell. Bruce has been an incredible support, and deeply committed to the purpose of our company, the Unreasonable Institute, and to the space of social enterprise. He goes far above and beyond the call of duty as a lawyer and has earned our unequivocal trust.

    Teju Ravilochan Co-Founder & CEO, Uncharted (fka Unreasonable Institute)
  • Thank you for helping us at Far Away Friends receive our 501(c) 3 status. We were so pleased with the ease and efficiency of working with Jon and Cindy at Blue Dot. It was our first time ever working with attorneys and they made the process so stress-free and simple for us which we truly appreciate.

    Jayme Ward Founder & Executive Director, Far Away Friends Uganda
  • Sheryl took over my H1-B case after it went into administrative processing and my previous lawyer didn’t know how to handle it. Her intimate knowledge of the immigration system, clear explanations of my options, reliable communication, and ultimately successful resolution of my case, made it possible for me to re-locate and start a career in the U.S. In addition to being an outstanding immigration lawyer, Sheryl showed a personal and human interest that inspired trust and confidence throughout the process. I was so impressed with her services that when it came time to process my residency after getting married, I had no hesitation in asking her to handle that process as well. Sheryl is a professional, straightforward, yet empathetic legal advocate with a deep understanding of how the immigration process works both in embassies overseas and within the U.S.

    Mario E. Molina International Director, The Climate Reality Project
  • Blue Dot has provided us with great advice at a cost within our budget. As a start up social enterprise, we have grown to rely on Blue Dot to guide us through the process of raising funds from individual angel lenders.

    Nikhil Jaisinghani Co-Founder, Mera Gao Power
  • For Thousand Currents, Blue Dot provided services [to establish the Buen Vivir Fund] far beyond what is generally expected of a traditional law firm or investment advisor, engaging in on-going dialogue and helping to structure the fund itself as well as the terms for each project investment as needed. In doing so, Blue Dot operated as a different, and often less understood service provider in the impact investing field: a strategic consultant.

    Confluence Philanthropy
  • As the President of a new social venture, I needed someone I could trust to set up our company and expand our presence in India. Bruce and his team were perfect for the job. Bruce took me through the entire process of venture set up both in the US and India. He is fast, diligent, detail-oriented, and truly cares about the success of his clients. I would recommend Bruce to anyone looking to make a positive impact in the world with their business.

    Daniel Gross Founder and President, WorldHaus
  • Bruce Campbell breaks every lawyer stereotype. He is passionate, proactive, efficient, and above all, shows an incredible commitment to growing the social enterprise ecosystem. Bruce quickly became an important sounding board for our team, not only putting legal structures around what we already had in mind, but helping expand our vision of what was possible.

    Morgan Simon Co-Founder, Board Member, Former CEO, Toniic Institute
  • Blue Dot provided us with quality services and fantastic advice during our raise. Bruce and Jochem were very communicative and ensured they were working with a sense of urgency. The knowledge of our legal structure and market made me trust them completely.

    Toni Maraviglia Co-Founder, Eneza Education
  • Bruce is always seeking the best answers for us and gets things done quickly and efficiently. He is always looking for a practical, win-win solution, at the same time acting in our best interest. I never feel like he is trying to up sell his services.

    Andy Gaudette Chief Executive Officer, Essette, Inc.
  • Sheryl is an outstanding immigration attorney.  She does not over promise or under perform.  She delivers.  She knows the law and has great relationships with the agencies and court.  Sheryl cares for her clients, and she zealously protects their interests.  You won’t find a better immigration lawyer.

    Wiley Rein LLP
  • Seth - we did it!!! We couldn’t have hoped for a partner as committed and creative as you! You’ve been willing to understand our point of view even when it was “unusual," able to push our thinking with grace especially when we needed to see things differently, and dedicated to defending our mission when it really counted. is a significant moment in Ultra’s journey, and we wouldn’t be here, poised to scale our impact, without you! Gratefully, 

    Rajesh Anandan ULTRA
  • You could not find a better immigration attorney. Sheryl’s eloquence, patience and demeanor saw us sail through the incredibly convoluted process of obtaining an L-1A visa. In an age when technology has outpaced immigration reform, her articulation proved invaluable. Sheryl understood the soul of our ‘Product Management’ role, and conveyed it in a succinct, lucid and ultimately successful case. Beyond her legal finesse, Sheryl is also delightful to work with, and at every step of our eventful journey, she carried the beacon of hope. If you ever have to pick an immigration lawyer, close your eyes and talk to Sheryl.

    Amrit while with Kopo Kopo
  • Lisa and I have been privileged to work with Bruce and his team for the past few years - with KL Felicitas Foundation, Toniic, and the 100% IMPACT Network. In this partnership we appreciate the deep value alignment and depth and breadth of knowledge that Blue Dot Advocates brings to the table.

    Charly Kleissner, Ph.D Co-Founder KL Felicitas Foundation, Toniic, 100%IMPACT Network
  • Sheryl is an outstanding immigration attorney and a strong advocate! It was an honor and privilege to work with her at a time when I was desperate to get assistance on legal matters, and I had no idea where to start. My wife and I were both studying in the US. After evaluating my case, she determined that both of us would immediately qualify for a green card because of my position as Manager of a Multinational Organization. Sheryl was always prompt and diligent in providing concise and knowledgeable responses whenever I asked her about immigration issues. She evidently has an intellectual curiosity and flexibility to look outside the box at these issues. She cares about her clients, and treated me with respect, warmth and humility. Sheryl’s passion for taking the challenges that come in this important field make me wholeheartedly endorse her without any hesitation.

    Donald, Zimbabwe Service for Peace
  • Sheryl is just tremendous. I had a couple of changes on my status over the years and she handled everything the right way. She dealt with me and my employer in a very professional way and she was always accurate in the information she relayed to us. My goal (and dream) was reached when in November 2012, I received my beautiful Green Card. Thanks Sheryl!

    Louis Belanger while with Oxfam International
  • We’ve used quite a few law firms over the years, however, Blue Dot is one of the top on our list when it comes to great advice, fair pricing and professionalism.While our main interaction is with Brian, everyone we’ve interacted with on the Blue Dot team has been professional and efficient. Brian has been nothing short of amazing - I can always trust that when I have a question or an issue, he will have a thoughtful response and several options for us to consider.

    Beth Carls Co-Founder / CEO, One|Seventeen Media

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